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What is so different about Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ that it was worth for us at Smokeheal spending so much time money and efforts to invent and produce it?

Two very important attributes:

First and foremost, Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ reduces the temperature of the inhaled cigarette smoke to a comfortable for regular human breathing level. This quality alone would be enough. It is the heat of inhaled cigarette smoke is responsible for burning and scarring of smokers mouth and throat that may lead to the corresponding cancer illness. It has been well documented and you may find many references doing a simple search for it.

While reduction of inhaled smokes temperature reduces risks of possible health issues is a great benefit, it also allows smoker to fully enjoy the process of smoking, and faster and fuller absorption of the nicotine contained in the cigarette’s smoke. Our volunteer testers reported smoking lesser portions of their cigarettes because of reaching wanted satisfaction earlier than without our device. By doing so they did not smoke their cigarettes fully, avoiding last sections of their cigarettes, which accumulate the majority of the problem causing tar. They also have reported lesser coughing and smoother taste of the same brand of cigarettes that they are normally smoking, but smoked through our Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’.

Smokeheal, Inc. Smoking without Smokehealer
Smoking without Smokehealer and allowing hot smoke burn mouth, throat and lungs


Smokeheal, Inc. Smoking with Smokehealer cooling the smoke that enters mouth, throat and lungs
Smoking with Smokehealer cooling the smoke that enters mouth, throat and lungs


Second great advantage of our Smokehealer product is that the same technology that helps our ‘Cannon One’ reduce inhaled smoke’s temperature, also allows this product to reduce tar contained in the cigarette smoke without use of any special filtration systems that often either change the taste of the cigarette or make smoker apply much more suction to inhale regular amount of the smoke. In fact, we recommend to inhale much lighter using our device to avoid inhaling too much smoke at your first puff. Smoking with ‘Cannon One’ is effortless and smooth!

There are many other benefits in using our Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ with its Hi-tech technology. You can find all the details on the Smokeheal, Inc. product’s page. Meanwhile here is more good news:

Our product is backed by a Smokeheal, Inc. Lifetime Warranty because we want to keep enjoying our product without any worries or problems!

We, at Smokeheal, also want to make sure that you love our product and have pleasant experiences with it! And that is why we offer every customer the Smokeheal, Inc. 30Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Smokehealer 'Cannon One' smoke-cooling cigarette holder. Smokeheal, Inc.

We are looking forward to make your smoking experience better and more enjoyable!