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HUGE HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS! In view of Holidays we all prices are deeply discounted! No need to wait for Black Friday! Smokehealer #smokecooling devices make perfect stocking stuffers for those of your relatives and friends who still struggle with quitting smoking! And for those who live in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine,

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Letter from user

Recently we received an e-mail from a user of Smokehealer “Cannon One” cigarette holder from Russia, which we proudly would like to share: “I’m smoking for a long time. Many times I’ve attempted to quit, but the habit proved to be stronger than nature. Now that I’m 60 and been

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Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ and “Cannon One Light’ Product Brochure
Smokehealer Brochure

You can view the Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ and “Cannon One Light’ Product Brochure online now. Smokehealer Brochure

Color choices for Smokehealer cigarette holders
Color choices for Smokehealer

Help us with color selection! Given choice, what would be your color pick for Smokehealer cigarette holder? Please respond with color number as marked on color samples image. You don’t have to pick just one, but please put them in your response in the sequence according to your preference.