Smokehealer ‘Cannon One Light’ smoke-cooling cigarette holder v.01A. Light Version.


Smokehealer 'Cannon One' smoke-cooling cigarette holder
Smokehealer ‘Cannon One Light’ smoke-cooling cigarette holder. v.01A (164 dimples)

Smokehealer ‘Cannon One Light’
cigarette holder Light v.01A.

Retail box with: cigarette holder, package of 5 Surgical Steel filters, and certificate of warranty.
US Patent pending. US Patent Application # 14/545,579

This is a light version of our Smokehealer “Cannon One’ smoke-cooling cigarette holder
with 82 dimples on only one surface in each internal channels. 164 dimples total.

Price: $ 34.97

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This is a Light version of Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ smoke-cooling cigarette holder.

This version was designed based on the response of our volunteer testers. Large enough numbers of them have reported that this version was more pleasant to them based on their desire of fuller smoke intake with less suction effort. This version was also preferred by those of them who prefer more “kick” in their smoke. However, we shall point your attention towards the fact that, while retaining same qualities as the full version and making inhaling effort literally similar to breathing, this version stops lesser amount of tar during the filtration and cooling stage.


Significantly reduces the temperature of the smoke that is being inhaled.

Cooling of the smoke helps to reduce risks associated with burning the soft tissues of the mouth, throat and lungs of the smoker. This effect is achieved through the optimized selection of native thermodynamic qualities of our cigarette holder and its dimensions, which ensure significant reduction in the temperature of the smoke while the cigarette holder itself does not significantly heat up.

This happens due to low specific heat of the smoke transferring the heat energy to the the metal body of the cigarette holder with its high specific heat (which does not impact the temperature of the metal body by much) and the metal body releases the heat into the outside environment.

Great filtration system without the use of disposable filters

Inside surface of Smokehealer 'Cannon One' cigarette holder channels
Designed with scientific precision (US Patent Pending) dimple lattice creates mezzo-vortices in the stream of inhaled smoke accelerating heat-exhange process and making tar particles to adhere to the surface of the channels.

Significantly reduces the amount of the heavy tar particles in the smoke that is being inhaled. This is achieved through the creation of mezzo-vortices in each of its 164 dimples on the walls of both channels on the inner surfaces of the cigarette holder. Because of these created vortices, smoke has much more time to allow heavy tar particles to adhere to the walls of the channels. This adhesion is also increased by lowering the temperature of the smoke.

Smokehealer cigarette holder is built using food grade materials only and is designed to preserve the natural taste of your tobacco.

Main body of Smokehealer is made out of high grade A6061-T6 aluminum which has highest thermal capacity out of metals, short of thetoxic and dangerous metals such as lithium, beryllium, magnesium. Mouthpiece of Smokehealer is made out of safe and durable food grade HIPS material which is commonly used for cookware, food storage containers, etc.

Easy cleaning process

Simply disassemble the Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’ and wipe it with alcohol or soap-water. Your can refer to our Support page to see the video on dis-assembly and cleaning procedures.

Allows to smoke any standard diameter cigarettes with or without the filters, and pipe tobacco and herbs.

Smokehealer is designed for use of standard diameter cigarettes of king size and 100mm, as well as standard diameter non-filtered cigarettes and straight use of smoking tobacco and herbs.

Does not restrict your draw capacity when smoking filtered cigarettes as other cigarette holders with filtration process do.

Smokehealer 'Cannon One' cigarette holder
Smokehealer ‘Cannon One’